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10 Quán lẩu đêm Hà Nội không ngủ phục vụ xuyên đêm

Bạn Đang Xem: 10 Quán lẩu đêm Hà Nội không ngủ phục vụ xuyên đêm

New Year’s Eve

Hanoi night hotpot restaurant with many different options, helping customers have more choices about space to enjoy quality cuisine.

People often say, Hanoi is the most beautiful at night, this is not wrong. This is also the reason that many people often over-night to often enjoy the unique beauty of Ha Thanh every night.

Not only outstanding with the beautiful scenery, the space from Nhat Tan Bridge to Long Bien market, Uncle Ho’s Mausoleum … but many people also pay attention to the culinary beauty here. At night, many shops open to serve the “hungry” customers, even open all night to please customers.

Hanoi night hotpot restaurants are also many, diverse in serving styles and different types of cuisine to please customers. Depending on the needs, customers will have the best choice.

1. Phung Hung night hotpot street

  • Address: No. 10 Phung Hung Street, Hoan Kiem District, Hanoi.
  • Opening hours: 9am to 10pm.
  • Price range: from 100,000 VND to 150,000 VND.

Phung Hung – one of the streets with the most famous night hot pot in Ha Thanh. Here, every time the city lights up, there are dozens of hotpot restaurants, and sidewalk hotpot restaurants one after another begin to set up tables and chairs to welcome guests. This street becomes crowded and bustling because of that. These hotpot restaurants are open until 3 am the next day, some restaurants close until 5 am.

Phung Hung night hot pot street 1

The price is very affordable, only from 300K for a hot pot of 3 or 4 people to eat. The menu is rich and diverse for diners to choose from, from Vietnamese hotpot to “Western” hotpot: chicken hot pot, braised duck hot pot with crocodile, frog hot pot, seafood hot pot, Sichuan hot pot, Thai hot pot…

The ingredients of a set are very diverse and rich, we can mention such as shrimp, crab, fish, clam, beef, beef, pork, seafood balls, mushrooms, beans, bean curd. Vegetables for ice cream here are very rich such as cabbage, spinach, water spinach, cabbage … in any season. In particular, there are also many side dishes such as hot pot balls, dumplings or play dishes such as fried corn, fried potatoes, chicken feet…

Phung Hung night hot pot street 2

2. TomYum Tran Nhat Duat Hot Pot

  • Address: No. 106 Tran Nhat Duat Street, Hoan Kiem District, Hanoi
  • Opening hours: 18h00 to 2h00
  • Price range: 89,000 VND to 389,000 VND

This hot pot restaurant is so famous for its one-person hot pot, especially the delicious and rare Tomyum hotpot. The shop is open from 6 pm to 2 am the next day, stretching on the sidewalk of Tran Nhat Duat street, just going from afar can smell the restaurant’s fragrant hot pot, anyone passing by is hard to resist.

Although it is only a sidewalk restaurant, it can be assessed that TomYum Tran Nhat Duat night hotpot has a very open space, the owner is very friendly. Every time a customer calls to ask for more, the service is very enthusiastic and quick. It can be judged that the food here is delicious and fresh, not frozen. The hot pot sauce is bold and strange with a pot full of meat, shrimp, fish, beef, clams, beans, corn, mushrooms and dipping vegetables.

TomYum Tran Nhat Duat Hot Pot 1

There are quite a lot of hot pot flavors for diners to choose from with very attractive prices. May be mentioned as:

– Tomyum hot pot for 1 person: 89K CZK

– Hot pot 2 hours at night: 89K

Diners can also order a large pot of hot pot for a group of 4 to eat with full stomach for only 389K and also get 4 cups of Pepsi for free.

>> See details of the brand and the latest offers at: TomYum Thai Hot Pot Lantern

3. Dong Hoa Rice Crab Hotpot

  • Address: 116 Ngoc Ha Street, Ba Dinh District, Hanoi
  • Opening hours: 7:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m
  • Price range: 50,000 VND to 165,000 VND

Nowadays, it is not difficult to find a restaurant or restaurant with country flavor right in the middle of the magnificent and crowded Hanoi capital. But if you want to appreciate the best taste, mainly attractive rustic dishes, you can hardly ignore Dong Hoa Gao Crab Hot Pot. Previously, the shop’s facade was not very large, over the past few years Hoa Gao has developed and expanded, decorated with Vietnamese style.

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Rice Field Crab Hot Pot

Coming to Hoa Gao, you cannot ignore the field crab hot pot. According to the chef, the crabs here are processed completely by hand, pounding by hand from start to finish, so the crab broth is fragrant, the crab meat is firm, and the bricks are greasy to suit every customer’s taste. Dishes are diversified mainly with country vegetables such as coriander, banana flower, chrysanthemum. The golden crab hotpot with a little onion fat is delicious and nothing like it.

4. Sugar Grilled Hot Pot

  • Address: 298 Le Duan Street, Dong Da District, Hanoi
  • Opening hours: 10:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m
  • Price range: from 50,000 VND to 390,000 VND

Eating hot pot while listening to the train rumble is also very interesting. At night, in a quiet space, the sound of trains running is even clearer. The restaurant has a very large space with a beautiful view. You can sit indoors to enjoy hot pot for warmth. If you don’t like it, you can sit outside, or go to the 120m2-wide terrace, eat while watching the shimmering Thong Nhat Park.

Grilled Sugar Hot Pot 1

Looking at the space of the restaurant, everyone thinks the price will be a bit high. But when you enjoy it, you will be amazed because the price is quite reasonable. There are prices for 3 sizes of hotpot which are 190K (2-3 people), 290K (3-4) and 390K (5-6). The menu is very rich and diverse for you to choose from: Thai seafood hotpot, octopus hotpot dipped in huge chili peppers, spicy frog bamboo shoots hotpot, mixed crab hotpot… Every hotpot is full of flavor and aroma. , eating is crazy.

Sugar Grilled Hot Pot 2

>> See details of the brand and many offers from: Sugar Grilled Hot Pot

5. Thang Beo Hot Pot Restaurant

  • Address: The shop already has 2 locations:

CS1: 34B Pham Hong Thai, Ba Dinh District

CS2 : 4A Cam Chi, Hoan Kiem District

  • Time: 5:00 p.m. – 5:00 p.m. The shop also accepts hot pot delivery until 3 am.
  • Price range: 100,000 VND to 200,000 VND

Thang Beo Hot Pot Restaurant

The next Hanoi night hotpot restaurant that JAMJA’s BLOG would like to introduce to you is Thang Beo hot pot restaurant, an all-night hotpot restaurant with a variety of delicious hotpot dishes, at very affordable prices.

Right outside the gate, the shop has a sign stating that Frog Hot Pot 190K. In addition, the shop also has many other types of hotpot that you must definitely try: beef crab hotpot, seafood Thai hotpot, Australian beef hotpot, cartilage rib hotpot, hill chicken hotpot, braised duck hot pot with crocodile at the same price. only 250k.

>> See details of the brand and many offers from: Thang Beo Hot Pot

6. Phu Quy Hot Pot

  • Address: 61 Dai Co Viet Street, Hai Ba Trung District, Hanoi
  • Time: open many time frames a day
  • Price range 50,000 VND to 300,000 VND

Hanoi has no shortage of hot pot restaurants serving at night, but hotpot restaurants serving 24/24 are really rare. The menu of the restaurant is extremely impressive with 10 hot pot dishes, if you have the opportunity, try each hot pot dish in turn. The hot pot is rich and has a distinct flavor that is unmistakable: hot pot with beef and beef ribs with cartilage, hotpot with sour cartilage ribs, braised carp with pickled carp, braised duck with bamboo shoots, spicy and sour seafood hotpot, Pi hot pot Lu Special, chicken bamboo shoot hotpot in Lang…

Phu Quy Hotpot

More specifically, the shop also has very good wine to drink, contributing to more fun. The price policy is very interesting, quite affordable, in the right way of “eating your fill without worrying about the price”. But rest assured, food safety comes first. In addition, a team of professional “yellow shirt” staff, dedicated service has helped Phu Quy restaurant to attract a large number of diners to come here whether it is night or day.

7. Hong Kong Yixin Hot Pot

  • Address: 6 lane 71 Lang Ha, Dong Da district, Hanoi
  • Time: 10h30 to 13h00 and 17h30 to 23h00
  • Price range: 100,000 VND to 200,000 VND

Speaking of Yixin, diners will remember Hong Kong-flavored dishes, from sweet Goji mixed in bone broth, herb mushrooms, Satay hotpot, etc. The most special thing about Yixin is using a pot. 2 compartments hot pot, allowing diners to enjoy 2 different hot pot flavors at the same time. You will clearly feel the intertwined flavors, each type has a separate flavor to satisfy all fastidious diners.

Hong Kong Yixin Hot Pot

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Not only that, the dip is also diverse and fresh from black tiger shrimp, squid, American beef belly, crocodile meat, etc., which makes the hot pot more sweet. Add a little mushrooms, cool green vegetables, add a little hot hot pot to understand the cuisine of the fragrant Port. One reason why Yixin has become a familiar place for those who love food in Hanoi is the space. Yixin is not flashy or lavish, but simple and cozy with Asian characteristics.

8. Ngan Fat Frog Hotpot

  • Address: 43 Truc Bach Street, Ba Dinh District, Hanoi
  • Time: 16h30 to 23h30
  • Price range: 100,000 VND to 165,000 VND

Winter in Hanoi is the time when everyone invites each other to eat hot pot to dispel the cold. If you are in Hanoi, you should go to Truc Bach street. Around this area, there are now many frog hotpot restaurants, but the largest and oldest restaurant is still Ngan Beo restaurant at number 43 Truc Bach.

Ngan Beo frog hot pot

Frog hot pot is a dish for those who can eat spicy, love this strong taste. Frog hot pot at Ngan Beo is always more sophisticated than other places because frogs want to be delicious, they need to go through a skillful marinating stage, cook with fresh bamboo shoots and then put them in the hot pot to serve customers. When eating, you will clearly feel each piece of frog meat is extremely rich, firm, fragrant, even though it is cooked for a long time, it still retains its crispiness. Eaten with spicy bamboo shoots and water spinach, there’s nothing like it. It’s cold like this with friends sipping a hot pot of hot pot.

9. Ba Sau sauce hot pot

  • Address: 41 Van Cao Street, Ba Dinh District, Hanoi
  • Time: 8:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m
  • Price range: 70,000 VND to 165,000 VND

Goby fish hotpot, which is a familiar and popular dish of people living in the South, has now been imported to Hanoi. The delicious goby fish hotpot is loved by many people with its rich taste, in Ha Thanh land, there are not many restaurants and eateries selling this special dish, so it is still quite new and strange for diners. Among those few shops, it is impossible to ignore Ba Sau sauce hotpot at 41, lane 65 on Van Cao street.

Ba Sau sauce hot pot

The owner of Ba Sau fish sauce hotpot restaurant is from the South, so the goby fish hotpot serving customers is evaluated as the typical Southern taste. The highlight of the goby hotpot is the sour, sweet, acrid, aromatic taste of Giang leaves – only available in the South. The goby fish is small, but the body is fleshy, round, soft and quickly absorbs the hot pot, bringing a new culinary experience to diners, the accompanying vegetables are also special mainly banana flowers and bitter vegetables, adding sophistication to the hot pot dish. .

10. Ba Luong snail hotpot

  • Address: No. 34-64, lane 191 Khuong Thuong, Dong Da district, Hanoi
  • Time: 7:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m
  • Price range: 50,000 VND to 150,000 VND

Hanoi snail noodle soup is too familiar, but snail hotpot is not sold in many places. But in the heart of Hanoi, there is a snail hotpot restaurant that has been open for more than 40 years, located in the small alley of Khuong Thuong on the wide Truong Chinh Street. For those who are a big fan of this dish, they can find Ba Luong snail hot pot.

Ba Luong snail hot pot

Hot pot broth is both sour and spicy, extremely attractive, suitable for eating in cold weather, snail hotpot is extremely rich, not too monotonous. The multi-snail hot pot includes many different ingredients from stuffed snails, rolls, sprouts, dumplings, … Besides there are some other similar dishes such as banana beans, snail hotpot with green bananas, meat, fried beans, … Each of them contributes a little taste to create a delicious, special dish.

Some other Hanoi night hotpot addresses

There are also some places to eat and drink with hot pot at night in Hanoi, which are:

  • Dong Xuan Night Market: The most vibrant nightlife area in Ha Thanh. Here you can find a lot of dishes, not just hot pot.
  • Tong Duy Tan Street: This is also a lively street no less than Dong Xuan night market.
  • Night alley 167 Doi Can: Alley 167 Doi Can is always busy at night with many restaurants with many kinds of food such as: banh xeo spring rolls, heart porridge, baked sticky rice… and even hot pot porridge at night for only the price. 200k/pot/4 people.


If you have never walked in Hanoi at night, never eaten hot pot at night, it is a pity. Make a note of 10 addresses Hanoi night hotpot that JAMJA’s BLOG introduced above, there will definitely be times when you need to go there.

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10 Hanoi night hotpot restaurants without sleep serving all night

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New Year’s Eve

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