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Ắc quy ô tô loại nào tốt? Dùng được bao lâu thay?

Car batteries help store energy in the form of chemical energy and convert chemical energy into electricity, taking on the role of the main power source for cars. car when the car is not started.

When the car engine is running, the engine drives car alternator act accordingly. The generator runs to help recharge the battery as well as power all electrical equipment on the vehicle. But when the car is turned off, the engine does not work, the generator does not work, at this time the battery will become the main source of electricity for the car thanks to the stored energy. The battery helps to supply power to the starter system to start the car engine, and at the same time supplies power to the vehicle’s loads such as the car’s light system, the system car sound… when the car engine is not running.

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How long does a car battery last?

According to manufacturers, car battery life is about 100,000 km (or 4-5 years) of operation. However, this is only the battery life under ideal conditions. In fact, the battery life is usually only 2-3 years because it depends on many factors such as weather, car usage habits, maintenance …

Should I use dry or water batteries?

Advantages and disadvantages of water batteries

The car battery is composed of many metal compartments. These compartments contain acid H .2SO4. Water battery (also known as wet battery or traditional battery) is a type of battery containing H acid.2SO4 in liquid form.


  • Stronger current than dry battery
  • The selling price is usually cheaper than the dry battery
  • If you don’t use it for a long time, you can still recover power
  • When the power runs out, it will run out slowly, not suddenly like a dry battery


  • Need to add electrolytes, charge electricity, periodically maintain
  • If you don’t use it for a long time, the electricity will run out (leading to the car’s engine not being able to start)
  • Longer life than dry batteries
  • Slower voltage recovery than dry batteries
  • If the acid solution in the battery is leaked, it can evaporate and cause rust around the details

Advantages and disadvantages of dry batteries

The dry battery is an airtight designed battery that also contains H . acid2SO4 like a water battery but2SO4 in gel form. Because the battery requires no maintenance, it is also known as a maintenance free battery.


  • No need to add electrolytes, charge, and periodically maintain like water batteries
  • For a long time without running out of power
  • No smell, no rust evaporation like water batteries
  • High charging current should recover voltage faster than water battery
  • Longer life than water battery
Dry batteries do not require regular maintenance like water batteries


  • Selling price is higher than water battery
  • When the power is out, it will suddenly run out of power, not slowly run out like a water battery

Today, most car users choose to use dry batteries because they do not require much inspection and maintenance, as well as safer to use. Particularly for large trucks, they often use water batteries because of their large generation current.

Parameters to note when buying a car battery

When buying a car battery, you should pay attention to the following parameters:

Storage capacity

Storage Capacity (RC) is the capacity of a battery to store electricity. The unit is Ah (Ampere hour). For example, a car battery with a capacity of 50Ah will be able to generate 10A continuously for 5 hours or 5A continuously for 10 hours. When the discharge current is large, the time will be small and vice versa.

The storage capacity of car batteries is usually from 40 to 100Ah. In which, the most common are at 40Ah, 45Ah, 50Ah, 60Ah, 75Ah… Depending on the vehicle model and usage needs, users can choose a battery with an appropriate storage capacity.


Voltage is the difference in voltage between the two terminals of the battery. Most car batteries have a voltage of 12V.

Cold starting current

CCA (Cold Cranking Amperes) is the current that the battery can generate in 30 seconds when in the state of 0 degrees F (ie – 17.7 degrees C). For example, a battery with a CCA 600 means that it can supply 600 Amps for 30 seconds at -17.7 degrees Celsius before the voltage drops below usable levels.

Because the main task of the car battery is to provide electricity to start the car engine. So the battery needs to be able to discharge well in a short time. Normally, the CCA parameter is of great interest in countries with low temperatures below 0 degrees Celsius. Because at this time, it is difficult to start the car engine because of the viscosity. engine oil not good, chemical reactions are difficult to occur under low temperature conditions.


When buying a car battery, it is necessary to pay attention to choose the correct size of the vehicle to avoid problems during assembly and use. The size of the battery is clearly printed by the manufacturer on the parameter section.

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Pile position

The pile position is indicated by letters on the parameter as follows:

  • Letter L: Left pile vase
  • Letter R: Right pile tank
  • Letter S: A vase with 2 piles

What kind of big cell battery is good?

GS . battery

GS is a brand specializing in batteries of GS Yuasa Corporation from Japan. GS currently holds the leading position in the automotive battery market in Asia. GS has both dry and water batteries.

Some outstanding GS series of dry batteries such as: GS MF 46B24L (suitable for Toyota Vios, Toyota Altis, Honda Civic…), GS MF 46B24LS and MF 55D23L (suitable for Mitsubishi Outlander, Mitsubishi Attrage, Mazda 2, Mazda 3, Mazda CX-5…), MF 55D23R (suitable for Chevrolet Aveo…).

Some outstanding GS series of water batteries such as: GS NS40Z (suitable for Toyota Rush …), GS NS40ZL (suitable for Suzuki Ertiga, Toyota Wigo, Hyundai i10, Mitsubishi Xpander, Kia Morning …).

Dong Nai battery

Dong Nai Battery (PINACO) is a brand of battery of Southern Battery Company PINACO. This is currently one of the largest battery and accumulator manufacturers in Vietnam. Dong Nai batteries are popular because of their affordable prices, diverse products, long-term warranty… Dong Nai batteries also have two lines of maintenance-free batteries and traditional batteries.

Dong Nai batteries are very popular because of their affordable prices and diverse products

Some outstanding dry battery lines of Dong Nai such as: CMF 55D23L (suitable for Mazda 6, Toyota Camry, Toyota Fortuner …), CMF 105D31L (suitable for Ford Range, Kia Sorento, Lexus GX…).

Atlas battery

Atlas is one of the major battery brands in the world from Korea. Atlas batteries are favored by their “soft” price, good quality, stable operation, long service life… Some outstanding battery lines of Atlas such as: Atlas 50B24L-45AH, Atlas 50B24R-45AH…

Battery Varta

Varta is a long-standing battery brand from Germany. After many conversions, Varta is now owned by Clarios Corporation of America. Varta batteries are very popular in European countries because of the advantages of high performance, long life, good warranty… However, the price of Varta batteries is quite high. In Vietnam, the battery is considered the first choice for luxury cars such as Mercedes, BMW, Audi, Lexus

Varta battery is currently the right choice for luxury cars

Panasonic battery

Panasonic is a world famous electronics brand from Japan. Besides household electrical products, Panasonic also manufactures batteries. Panasonic has both liquid and dry batteries. Panasonic batteries have the advantages of good performance, stable operation, reasonable price…

Rocket Battery

Rocket is a battery brand of Sebang Global Battery Company from Korea. This is one of the leading battery companies in the “land of kimchi”. Currently, Rocket batteries are present in more than 130 countries around the world. The advantages of Rocket batteries are reasonable price, high durability, good performance…

Signs that the car is out of battery, low battery

When you see one of the following signs, you need to check the battery as soon as possible:

Battery indicator light on: When the battery is weak, out of power or has any problem, the battery fault indicator light will often come on to notify the driver to check.

Car is difficult to start: When the battery is weak, the current is not strong enough to start the engine, so often car is hard to start. If the battery is dead, the car will not start.

Car lights are weak, flickering: When the car is turned off, if the car lights are weak, flickering in the morning and in the dim, it is likely that the car battery is having a problem.

The battery shell is edematous and deformed: If working at too high a temperature, the battery shell may swell and deform. When this error occurs, the battery needs to be replaced immediately.

How to check car battery

You can quickly check the condition of the car battery through the eyes:

  • If the eye is blue, the bottle is still working fine
  • If the eyepiece is black, the battery is weak
  • If the eyepiece is white, the battery has failed

To check the car battery in more detail, it is necessary to use the VOM meter:

Check battery voltage

Step 1: Start the car

Step 2: Turn on the VOM meter and switch to the 20DCV . scale

Step 3: Place the red and black probes on the positive and negative terminals of the battery

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Step 4: Have someone turn on the car’s headlights

Step 5: Observe the voltage value on the meter

  • If the voltage is equal to or higher than 12.5V, the battery is in good condition
  • If the voltage is equal to or lower than 12.3V, the battery has about 75% energy left
  • If the voltage is equal to or lower than 11.8V, the battery has about 25% energy left

Check battery electrode

The battery terminals are quite easily damaged parts. When the battery terminal is damaged, the battery will be “dead”. Therefore, when checking the battery, it is necessary to check the condition of the battery pile.

Step 1: Remove the high voltage wire ignition coil to turn off the car ignition system

Step 2: Put the red probe on the positive pole of the battery, the black probe touches the cable connected to the positive pole

Step 3: Ask someone to start the car engine

Step 4: Observe the voltage value on the meter. If the value is greater than 0.5V, check and clean the battery electrodes

Step 5: Test the same with the negative pole. Place the red probe in contact with the cable connected to the cathode, the black probe touch the cathode.

Electrical leak test

If there is a white precipitate on the car battery electrodes, this is a precipitate from the leaking acid. It is very likely that this layer of precipitate causes electrical leakage in the battery, so it should be checked as soon as possible.

Step 1: Turn on the VOM meter and switch to the lowest scale

Step 2: Put the red rod on the precipitate layer, the black rod on the battery negative terminal

Step 3: Observe the voltage value on the meter. If there is a small voltage value, the battery has leaked electricity, it is necessary to clean the locations with this precipitate.

How to maintain car battery

Here are some tips on how to properly maintain and maintain car batteries to help prolong battery life:

Limit parking in the sun

Parking in the hot sun will easily cause the battery to overheat. When the battery is hot, the chemical components inside the battery can be changed, leading to a decrease in battery performance.

Regularly start the car engine even when not in use

With a water battery, if you leave it for a long time without starting the car engine, without charging, the battery will be “dead”. Therefore, even if you do not use the car, you should regularly start the car engine to recharge the battery.

Add water only when the solution is lower than the specified level

Many people often actively add distilled water to car batteries even though the solution is not low enough – Min level. According to experts, this is highly undesirable. Because it will be easy to dilute the solution concentration in the battery. If the travel distance is too short and the battery is not fully charged, the car will have difficulty starting. Therefore, water should only be refilled when the solution in the battery is below the specified level. When filling, only fill up to Max, do not exceed Max.

Regularly check and clean the battery

Regularly check the output voltage of the battery, check the eyes, check the condition of the wires connected to the battery… If you see that the connectors are dirty, rusty, have white precipitates… need to be cleaned or replaced soon. .

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