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Căn hộ cao cấp quận tân phú

Tan Phu is a livable area in Ho Chi Minh City with many public facilities such as Dam lotus park, supermarket, school, hospital, etc.

That’s why there are so many apartment buildings sprung up, for your convenience the following Top10uytin.top would like to introduce. The most luxurious apartment projects in Tan Phu district for your reference and selection.

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1. Emerald Precinct luxury apartment

Located in a prime location in the heart of Tan Phu district, Celadon City is the arterial traffic gateway connecting with many key routes such as Le Trong Tan, Tan Ky Tan Quy, Cong Hoa, Truong Chinh… especially the future subway system.

Emerald Precinct

This is the most prominent luxury apartment project in Celadon City Green Urban Area. Top 10 reputable construction design consulting companies in Ho Chi Minh City

Convergence of golden values ​​creates a perfect living standard. Emerald Precinct are taken care of from the landscape, utilities to every small detail of the interior. The difference is not only in the superior design, but here all the apartments have a balcony, where the sun and the wind interfere.

Project overview:

  • Investor: Gamuda Land Joint Stock Company (Malaysia)
  • Pile foundation construction: Fecon Joint Stock Company (Vietnam)
  • Construction unit: Hoa Binh Corporation (Vietnam)
  • Structural design consultancy: THAM & WONG (Singapore).
  • Architectural design consultancy: AG INGO (Singapore).
  • Landscape design consultant: Land Sculptor (Thailand).
  • Location: No. 88, N1 Street, Son Ky Ward, Tan Phu District, City. HCM.
  • Area: 4.71ha.
  • Building density: 28%
  • Number of floors: 16 floors.
  • Scale: 6 Block, A, B, C, D, E, F.

2. Apartment Valeo Dam Sen

Valeo Dam Sen apartment located at the intersection of 3 districts including Tan Phu, District 11 and Tan Binh. The project is located on the road with the busiest population density, the most developed in Tan Phu district are Luy Ban Bich and Trinh Dinh Trong, right next to the Tan Hoa – Lo Gom canal. This is a very convenient location for residents to move to important places in Ho Chi Minh City.

Valeo Dam Sen

The apartment is designed with the highlight of a modern and sophisticated space. The investor took the human factor as the center, so he created the apartment Valeo Residence With all necessary facilities and green living spaces, all are ready to welcome residents to the project to enjoy the perfect life.

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Project overview:

  • Project name: Valeo Dam Sen
  • Investor: Phu Nhuan Housing Trading and Construction One Member Company Limited
  • Developer: Nha Dat Co., Ltd
  • M&E construction unit: Quang Trung Mechanical & Construction Co., Ltd., Hoa Phat Electrical Equipment Joint Stock Company
  • Structural design unit: Phu My Construction Engineering Joint Stock Company
  • Supervision unit: Saigon Hanoi Construction Engineering Consultant Joint Stock Company
  • Total area: 6000m2
  • Scale: 3 twin apartment towers with a height of 15 floors
  • Building density: 38.38%
  • Green space: 90% (including parks, lakes, walkways, circulation, swimming pools, gardens, …)
  • Flexible apartment area: From 75-115m2
  • Construction period: From the fourth quarter of 2014
  • Expected completion: Second quarter of 2017
  • Ownership form: Forever
  • Types of apartments: 2 bedrooms, 3 bedrooms, Dualkey (1 separate apartment in 1 large apartment)

3. RichStar luxury apartment

Project Richstar Tan Phu owns 250m2 frontage of Hoa Binh street in a densely populated residential area which is one of the projects with the best location in the area because Richstar Tan is surrounded by arterial roads such as: Hoa Binh, To Hieu, Cay. Keo, Chu Thien… Here residents can easily move to neighboring districts such as District 1, District 3, District 5, District 10, District 11 … Top 10 most prestigious detective companies in Ho Chi Minh City today

Is the first-class commercial and service apartment complex in Tan Phu built at 239 – 241 & 278 Hoa Binh, Hiep Tan Ward, Tan Phu District, Ho Chi Minh City. With a scale built on a total area of ​​3 hectares, including 6 25-storey apartment towers, it is the tallest project in Tan Phu district.

Project overview:

  • Project name: Richstar
  • Investor: Novaland
  • Location: 239241 and 278 Hoa Binh, Hiep Tan Ward, Tan Phu District, HCMC.
  • Total area with scale of more than 3 hectares.
  • The apartment consists of 7 apartment blocks with 22 floors, Basement + floating floor for parking, apartment shophouse.

4. Diamond Lotus Lake View luxury apartment

Diamond Lotus Lake View located in the heart of Tan Phu District, adjacent to Dam Sen Cultural Park Tourist Area – Diamond Lotus Lake View inheriting modern utility values ​​with a fresh, peaceful and cool living space.

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Located right in front of Luy Ban Bich Street, it owns an extremely convenient location for trade. Where connecting with outstanding facilities never before in Tan Phu District, this is the arterial road and the center of connection with the Western provinces or moving into the commercial entertainment centers of District 1, District 5 or District 10…

Project overview:

  • Official name: Diamond Lotus Lake View Apartment
  • Investor: Phuc Khang Corporation
  • Construction unit: Cotecon
  • Scale: 11,459m2
  • Construction area: 3604m2
  • Building density of podium: 37%
  • Building density of tower block: 35%
  • High floor: 21 floors
  • Number of blocks: 6 Block
  • Green area: 1829.72m2

5. Melody Residences luxury apartment

Crafted from a harmonious combination between modern life rhythm and fresh green nature, Melody Residences It not only brings comfort and luxury, but also an ideal place for you to refresh yourself every day and get ready for a new day full of energy.

Melody Residences located right in front of Au Co street – the main road to Tan Binh, District 10, District 11, Phu Nhuan and District 3. From here, residents can easily enjoy regional amenities as well as connect to the city center and neighboring districts on arterial roads such as Truong Chinh, Cong Hoa and 3/2.

Project overview:

  • Project name: Melody Residences
  • Location: No. 16 Au Co, Tan Son Nhi Ward, Tan Phu District, HCMC
  • Scale: 14,906.1m2 (planning area), 14,011.1m2 (area after deducting the roadway).
  • Melody Residences apartment area: From 60 m2 to 80 m2 (apartment with 2 bedrooms, 2 toilets, balcony …)
  • Construction area 5,089m2;
  • Construction density 36.3%;
  • Construction floor area: 70,056m2 (excluding basements, mezzanines, technical, roof);
  • Green park land 3,042.1m2;
  • Traffic land 5,520m2.

6. Carillon 4 luxury apartment

Location of the apartment project Carillon 4 Tan Phu district is located on the existing asphalt road with a width of 14m, all connected to Luy Ban Bich street. From Carillon 4 easy to move with neighboring areas as well as functional areas in Tan Phu district through Kenh Tan Hoa, Luy Ban Bich, Hoa Binh – is the main road of Tan Phu district to connect with other districts, other district. Top 6 reputable solar power installation companies in HCMC

Located in the heart of Tan Phu District, the project inherits great facilities with a complete infrastructure and traffic system and a dense residential area:

+ 6 km from the city center, about 15 minutes by motorbike.

+ Right next to the project is Le Anh Xuan Secondary School and the system of other schools is considered a favorable factor in the residential area.

+ Very close to Dam Sen cultural park.

+ About 5 minutes by motorbike from Co.op Mart and Big C (Thao Ngoc Hau) supermarket.

+ 4.5 km from Tan Son Nhat airport, about 15 minutes by motorbike.

Project overview:

  • Location: 262/3 and 191/2 Luy Ban Bich, Hoa Thanh Ward, Tan Phu District, HCMC.
  • Land area: 3313.9 m2.
  • Basement area: 2380.4 m2
  • Mezzanine basement area: 1322 m2
  • Construction density 40%
  • Land use coefficient 7.1 times
  • Scale of construction: apartment carillon 4 includes 1 transparent basement and 1 mezzanine + 20 high floors with 221 apartments.
  • 1st, 2nd floor: Shophouse
  • Floor 3-19 apartments.
  • Apartment area from: 48m2 95 m2.
  • Type of apartment: 4 carillon apartment calculated according to the clear area

7. Oriental Plaza Au Co luxury apartment

A notable project invested by Dong Phuong Phat Real Estate Co., Ltd is Oriental Plaza apartment. Located at the intersection of Au Co – Nguyen Hong Dao streets, Tan Phu District, adjacent to Tan Binh District, is the central arterial route connecting 3 districts of Tan Binh – Tan Phu – Tan Binh.

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More Oriental Plaza apartment densely populated with full of first-class utility services such as: Thong Nhat Hospital, Bau Cat area, Dam Sen tourist area, Phu Tho Stadium, University of Science and Technology, … At the same time, Convenient connection with the neighboring areas of the city center.

Project overview:

  • Project name: Oriental Plaza
  • Investor: Dong Phuong Phat Company.
  • Land area: 15,802 m2
  • Construction land area: 7,801 m2
  • Construction floor area: 158.736 m2
  • Building density: 50%
  • Number of floors: 01 basement, 01 ground floor, 01 mezzanine and 21 floors
  • Number of apartments: 1,136 units
  • Apartment area: 74m2, 76m2, 83m2, 85m2, 90m2, 103m2
  • Completion time: Quarter 4/2016

8. Lotus Garden luxury apartment

Project Lotus Garden located at 36 Trinh Dinh Thao, Hoa Thanh Ward, Tan Phu District, in a stable existing residential area, complete and convenient transportation system. Top 5 delicious pubs in HCMC part 1

This is an apartment complex located at a convenient traffic location with districts in the city, just 800m from Dam Sen Cultural Park as well as existing cultural, educational and commercial works such as HCMUT, HCMUT Supermarket Coop Mart, Parkson,…

Project overview:

  • Project: LotusGarden
  • Investor: Viet Au Joint Stock Company
  • Total area: 7,363 m2
  • Total investment capital: 30 million USD
  • Size of the apartment: 2 blocks of 21-storey buildings
  • Total number of apartments: 596 units

9. Topaz Center luxury apartment

Topaz Center Located in the west of the city. Ho Chi Minh City, located right in front of Trinh Dinh Thao Street, adjacent to Luy Ban Bich Street and Tan Hoa Lo Gom Street.

– The arterial road in the west of the city, connected to Vo Van Kiet Boulevard, less than 1 km you can reach a series of complete and busy utilities and services such as: Coop Mart Supermarket, Big C supermarket, Hiep Tan market, …

In addition to the surrounding amenities available due to the central location advantage. The most unique feature of the apartment Topaz are the internal services available before handing over the house such as: Swimming pool, Kangaroo International Kindergarten, Mach’Gym gym, M4store convenience supermarket with 100% products imported from the US.

Project overview:

  • Investor: Viet Phat Investment – Trading Co., Ltd
  • Project development: Southern Green Land Investment & Service Joint Stock Company
  • Construction unit: ECI Construction Joint Stock Company
  • Scale: 5,575.9 m2
  • Address: No. 4, Trinh Dinh Thao, Hoa Thanh Ward, Tan Phu District
  • Building density : 34.4% Height : 20 floors Number of products in block A : 195 products
  • Area: 63.46 –88.31m2, 2 to 3 bedrooms
  • Nice design, 11 units/floor with 3 elevators

10. Tan Huong Tower high-class apartment

Tan Huong Tower located on the front of Tan Huong street, adjacent to the busy Tan Huong market with stable population density. Open traffic system, from here, residents can easily connect to services and utilities in the area: hospitals, schools, airports, banks, supermarkets, bus stations, sports centers…

The project consists of 21 floors, 1 basement, 2 commercial and service floors with a total of 360 apartments with an area of ​​​​49.3 – 116.7m2. Here, the apartments are designed to be airy to receive maximum natural light and bring fresh air into the house.

Living space close to nature combined with internal facilities such as Trade – Service Center, kindergarten, supermarket … and especially the international standard school system located on the project site shows that highlights of Tan Huong compared to other projects.

Project overview:

  • Location: No. 118 Tan Huong Street, Tan Phu District, HCMC
  • Investor: Chuong Duong Construction Investment Joint Stock Company (CDC)
  • Design unit: Construction Design Consultancy Joint Stock Company (CIDECO)
  • Supervision consultant: General Construction Consulting Company (Nagecco)
  • Area: 49 – 116 m2
  • Selling price: 13.5 million/m2 (VAT included)
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