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New Year’s Eve

Currently, there is a new beauty movement that is well received by many young people, which is dyeing hair yellow copper. Copper blonde dye is simply understood as on the base of blonde hair, mixed with other colors to create a coppery effect, making the hair shiny and brighter.

The hottest copper blonde and golden tones hair dye in early 2018

Bronze gold, vanilla or butter yellow always give women a beautiful appearance, completely attractive, strangely attractive. In addition, with yellow tones, there is also a sand yellow dye color suitable for her personality who wants to stand out, but also creates a feeling that the skin becomes warmer and ruddy in winter, gentle on hot summer days.

Dye hair yellow copper 7

Bronze blonde

The copper-gold color is more popular than ever thanks to the promotion of Taylor Swift in every music video, stage or red carpet that she appears. But you can see that this copper blonde hairstyle perfectly suits a white girl like Taylor, bronze is easy to combine outfits and all different types of makeup. Surely this summer is the rise of bronze color as it rises to become a trend among young people.

Dye hair yellow copper 2

Copper gold has a color quite similar to natural hair color, but the dyeing process is not simple. If you are a girl who loves personality and charm, then break the way to dye the hairline by ash or light brown, and the ends of the hair are dyed in bronze. Absolutely you can own a confident look like a princess with this copper blonde hair.

Dye hair yellow copper 3

Caramel blonde

Caramel blonde hair color was born as for her with dark, seductive skin. The most typical is the girl Keri Hilson with attractive honey skin, when combined with caramel blonde hair color, she becomes more and more beautiful, her compact face becomes much brighter. Some notes for brunettes dyed caramel yellow is that the color should not be too bright, the contrasting difference between hair and skin color will create the opposite. Your dark skin will lose a tone due to too light hair color.

Dye hair yellow copper 4

If you are a black-eyed girl, then choose a hairstyle with natural hair roots and dye the rest of your hair in caramel yellow to get a balance of color with your eyes. If you want to be as beautiful as Keri Hilson, make up lightly with black mascara, the main nude tone is enough to captivate all eyes.

Dye hair yellow copper 5

Blonde brown hair

Dyeing blonde-brown hair can be said to be a safe way to change the appearance for blonde-skinned girls because auburn is neither too bright nor too dark. The hairdresser said that the hair dyed a deep blonde brown, you will recognize the rare harmony between skin color and hair color. Brown gold is not too bright and prominent, you should combine it with a slightly bold makeup style to create attraction. If you want to be more gentle, the hairline will be dyed light brown, the rest will gradually turn to golden brown to balance the hair.

Dye hair yellow copper 6

Tanned blonde hair

You are no stranger to Hollywood action movies with the participation of famous actors like in The Hunger Game- Jennifer Lawrence. Jennifer completely stands out with her blonde hair with a bit of tanned personality throughout the episodes. The reason that she decided to keep this hair color is that the golden tan is suitable for many different styles from elegant and noble to personality and dynamic. With this tanned blonde hair, you don’t need to have too much makeup because the color itself is outstanding enough.

Dyeing hair in copper gold color 8

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Rose blonde

Rose blonde hair color will definitely make you look aristocratic and luxurious, but perhaps this light hair color is not entirely suitable for Asians. You know the image of sexy actress Blake Lively, she dyed rose gold thanks to her white skin. Europeans quite like this rose gold color because of its ability to tone the skin and suitable for all weather types of the year.

Dye hair copper gold 9

Rose gold is simply a color combination between the natural yellow of marigold flowers with honey and apricot yellow tones. But one thing is for sure, when you dye rose gold, your face will become brighter than ever. However, the color fades quickly, so you need to pay attention to regular hair care.

Dye your hair golden copper 10

Pink blonde hair

It’s the same gold tone, but the pinkish gold and coppery yellow dyes are completely different. Rose gold color is suitable for girls who love sweet, lovely, gentle and feminine. A completely pinkish blonde dyed hair for a fair-skinned, light-skinned girl. Emma Stone experimented with this hair color and stood out on the red carpet with short pink blonde hair. Moreover, this dye color has the ability to create a beautiful pink effect when you step out into the sun. When you have dyed pinkish gold, you should apply a little more makeup on the eyes and cheeks to increase the harmony between the hair and the face.

Dye hair yellow copper 11

Vanilla blonde

Referring to vanilla, we will immediately think of fragrant, greasy, sweet and lovely. And the same goes for vanilla blonde hair color, creating a gentle, feminine, childish appearance, helping you to cheat a few years more. This vanilla yellow tone is suitable for all skin tones but the most beautiful is still for white girls. The special effect of this hair color is to increase the skin color by one tone. When you have dyed this vanilla yellow, you should pay attention to apply the dye again to the roots about every 3 weeks to get the desired hair color.

Dye hair yellow copper 12

Butter blonde

The avocado yellow color gamut has quite bright and prominent colors, giving the feeling that your hair is more attractive and bouncy. If you are a girl with light, attractive white skin, try experimenting with this butter yellow dye to add charm and radiance to your beauty. The buttery yellow tone has the ability to create a very prominent color for a girl with brown or chestnut brown eyes. You can wear dark or light makeup depending on your preferences, but the number one suggestion is nude makeup, adding a little highlight for the eyes. Surely this style of makeup and hair will bring you a classic retro image.

Dyeing hair in copper yellow 13

Sand blonde

With the balance between the striking sandy blonde hair color with the prominent light strokes on her hair, Rachel McAdams becomes more beautiful than ever. This is also the perfect hairstyle, suggesting for girls who love the lightness of golden tones in addition to a fresh and youthful appearance. Sand blonde hair color belongs to the only blonde color that is suitable for all ages, so young people don’t have to worry about being a few years older or older.

Dyeing hair in copper yellow 14

In addition, sandy blonde hair color is suitable for many types of weather throughout the year. In summer, it feels cool and dynamic, and in winter, it feels warm and gentle. The sandy yellow color creates the effect of making your white skin more rosy, in the summer, you should reduce the sand yellow a bit to create depth and blend with the skin better. In a period of 1 month, you should go to the roots of your hair once with dye to not reveal the original black hair color. Pay attention to dye not too close to the scalp, easy to cause irritation.

Dye your hair copper blonde 15

How to keep the golden color in the hair for a long time?

  • Before going to dye your hair, you should pay attention to washing and rinsing your hair so that after dyeing it will keep the dyed hair color longer.

The need to clean your hair and scalp is completely natural, but one rule you should follow is that before or after a hair beauty treatment, you should not wash your hair. Surely your hairdresser will give you the same advice, just rinse your hair with water without the intervention of shampoo. You think this is not important, but it determines the color of your hair to the color standard because it is not affected by shampoo. In addition, before the day of hair dye, you should steam your hair to ensure moisture for your hair.

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How to keep the golden color in the hair for a long time 1

  • Choose the right dye.

You have decided to choose copper gold color to change your look. So you need to pay attention not to choose too bright yellow because that will be completely opposite to the natural hair color. That’s too bold and you will definitely need to dye it continuously to cover the beautiful color of your hair. You should choose a deep yellow color to match your skin, otherwise you can break the way with bright copper ombre dye to avoid applying hair root powder on your hair.

How to keep the golden color in the hair for a long time 2

  • Choose quality drugs, reputable workers.

When you go to choose a dye for yourself, you should buy a drug containing more sunscreen ingredients, which helps your hair not quickly fade or fade due to environmental factors. outside. Should choose world famous brand hair dye like Loreal, Etude House. In addition, after the hair has been dyed, you immediately buy a shampoo and conditioner specifically for dyed hair, radically limiting the possibility of hair color fading.

How to keep the golden color in the hair for a long time 3

If you buy your own medicine, you can dye it yourself at home. Unsure or afraid of chemicals falling, please ask professional hairdressers, they will help you adjust hair color, hair color evenly and most beautiful.

  • Choose shampoo specifically for dyed hair

You will be surprised to realize that SPF is not only for skin but also extremely useful for hair. Simply understand that without sun protection, UV rays will attack the cuticle, making the hair weaker and oxidized, leading to the color fading. If you want to protect dyed hair comprehensively, choose to buy yourself a shampoo with a sun protection factor above 12.

How to keep the golden color in the hair for a long time 4

Girls should also pay attention to choose shampoo and conditioner of the same brand to enhance the color fastness of the hair. In case you can’t find a shampoo with sun protection, follow the recipe: 1/2 cup water, 1 tablespoon sunscreen, mix well and pour into a spray bottle. Use this solution after washing your hair.

  • Wash your hair properly

In the past, you always thought that washing your hair was fine as long as the hair and scalp were clean. However, washing hair after dyeing hair also has its own rules. The first is not to scratch too hard during the first week of dyeing your hair, it will help you minimize the possibility of an allergic reaction due to chemical drugs, in addition to the deeper layer of hair dye. Secondly, do not wash your hair with hot water because hot water is the enemy of hair, not only dyed hair. You should only use warm or cold water, do not directly rinse your hair under strong water. Use the shower to let the water run down your hair gently.

How to keep the golden color in the hair for a long time 5

  • Limit hair drying and sun exposure

After shampooing, many girls have a habit of drying their hair to make it dry and bouncy. But such drying will make the hair greatly affected by heat, the hair becomes dry, frizzy, dull and very brittle. So only when necessary, use the dryer like in winter, use it at the coolest setting. If you want your hair to be smooth, beautiful, and keep its color well, you should let your hair dry naturally.

How to keep the golden color in the hair for a long time 6

In addition to the hair dryer, sunlight is also the “thousand-year” enemy of the hair. So when going outdoors, you should wear a wide yellow hat or cover your hair to avoid direct attack from harmful ultraviolet rays.

Here are the tones hair dye copper yellow highlights and how to avoid fast hair color fading. Wish you choose your desired hair color and become more beautiful.

Dyeing hair in golden copper color – Fashion Trend 2020

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New Year’s Eve

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