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New Year’s Eve

Beautiful hair color is playing a big part in creating a style and expressing one’s own personality. Therefore, it is not easy for each male friend to find the right dyed hair color for himself. Join JAMJA’s BLOG to find out what color men’s hair is beautiful, which many people love to create confidence and attract the opposite person.

How to choose the right hair color for your skin

Before renewing your hair by many different colors, the first factor you need to consider is what skin color you have, what your skin tone is to easily choose the best dye color. Not every dye color is suitable for your skin, it is not difficult to have beautiful and standard hair, creating radiant facial contours. Therefore, dyes that are close to skin color are always the first and smart choice of men.

How to choose the right hair color for your skin1

Men who choose their own hair color should remember that there are many differences compared to women’s hair dye, so the color selection process has a few differences. Do not choose based on feelings or preferences, choose a color tone that helps you stand out, maintain a masculine and attractive look. Here are some tips to choose the right hair color for your skin tone for boys to follow:

How to choose the right hair color for your skin2

  • A new and unique hairstyle of dyed hair will make men feel more confident because they have the opportunity to express their own personality. The most popular men’s color dyes can be mentioned as chestnut brown, red brown or wine brown because the color is somber, elegant, trendy, suitable for the office environment. These are also colors that enhance the skin tone and brighten the face.

Choose the right hair color for each skin type 3

  • Warm deep tones are best suited for guys with light skin like white, pink, slightly red. And cool color tones are suitable for men with healthy dark skin. To create a balanced look and harmonious colors, never choose for yourself a hair color that is too dark or too light, which will easily expose facial defects.

Choose the right hair color for each skin type 4

  • For brown dyed hair: brown is quite deep and easy to use, so it can be seen that all skin tones choose brown as the dye color. Brown dyed hair becomes the first choice of many boys. Brown hair tone has the effect of making the skin brighter, the face becomes harmonious but still has the masculine and masculine character of a man. When dyeing, you should pay attention to the standard ratio between the colors, forming a deep brown tone with a brightness suitable for your male skin. You have a beautiful and attractive dyed hair.

choose the right hair color for each skin type 5

  • For hair dyed yellow: blonde hair tones are quite picky about skin and dyers because of their bright and dazzling colors. This yellow tone is only suitable for guys with really white, light skin, without dark spots. But a small note here is, the yellow color is too bright, it will make the male face feel out of balance and harmony.

Choose the right hair color for each skin type 6

  • For outstanding hair tones: you will be attracted to men with unique dyed hair such as blue, reddish brown, pinkish, purple. These are the fashionable hair colors that many young people love today. These colors can match many different skin colors, creating a personality, breaking the way, showing a distinct style. Depending on the working environment and preferences, you should choose the right hair color for you.

Choose the right hair color for each skin type 7

The most beautiful men’s hair dyes 2018

Beautifully dyed hair color contributes significantly to expressing your personality as well as your very own preferences. Therefore, a trendy and fashionable hair color helps men keep up with the times, not afraid to be out of fashion and bring beauty to attract the opposite sex. Let’s see which hair color is trending and popular today.

The most beautiful men's hair dyes 2018

Chestnut brown hair color

Chestnut brown has never been excluded from the list of beautiful men’s hair dye colors because it can suit all face shapes and skin tones. The chestnut brown color is not really outstanding with a trendy look or a breakthrough, but this gentle color always gives users excitement and satisfaction. This chestnut dye color is a pretty safe choice for both men and women. When hair “dresses” in chestnut color, men will feel comfort, natural hair color, closeness and comfort. With this chestnut hair color, you should combine it with a simple cropped hairstyle to create a fresher, more youthful appearance.

Chestnut brown hair color

The highlight of the brown hair tone is the neutrality, neither too dark nor too prominent, bright. Chestnut brown dyed hair is suitable for office boys who want to change themselves without being too prominent. In addition, chestnut brown will help men’s skin become whiter.

Light chestnut brown hair color

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Smoke dyed hair

Smokey hair color can be said to be a color that is of particular interest to not only men but also famous hair stylists. The color smoked dye is most prominent because of the youthful, innovative and unique that it brings to the hair. The smoky color gamut has the ability to both brighten the skin and create the feeling that the face becomes harmonious and balanced but still retains the masculine features.

Smoke dyed hair

Smokey dyed hair has a bright, youthful, stylish and strong beauty, but it is quite difficult to combine different outfits or hairstyles. Before going out on the street, you should choose for yourself the right clothes so that you can be completely confident with cool hair.

Beautiful smoky dyed hair for men

Hair dyed blue

Like the smoky color gamut, blue is also included in the list of men’s hair color that breaks and is a bit “rebellious”. Blue-dyed hair is best suited for guys who love to be different, always stand out from the crowd and have a youthful and cool personality. This unusual hair color is originated from the land of kimchi – Korea, strongly promoted by famous K-pop idols and idols. Gradually, blue hair color has become a trend that many young people love to experience.

Hair dyed blue

Wine dyed hair

Wine is a color that brings an extraordinary attraction, showing a man with a modern fashion style that can keep up with trends. The biggest advantage of this wine tone is the modern beauty seen in the gentle yet youthful beauty. Men should choose for themselves an elegant wine hair color because it will not take you much time to choose the right outfit or hairstyle for you. Owning this beautiful hair color, men have the opportunity to delight in renewing themselves by many other styles such as self-cleaning, personality to polite and luxurious.

Wine dyed hair

Copper brown dyed hair

The copper brown color is simply understood as a harmonious blend between deep tones and outstanding tones. Bronze brown is brown red orange color mixed together. It can be said that copper brown tones are gradually becoming a trend and never go out of fashion. If you don’t have a copper-brown dye available, you can mix from the 3 colors above. But when mixing, you need to harmonize the ratio of colors, if you want the hair to be not too bright and prominent, you should limit the light color. Thus, you have completed a very beautiful and attractive colored hair.

Copper brown dyed hair

Purple dyed hair

As you can see, girls who dye their hair purple often become much more attractive, attractive and beautiful. But when applying this purple color to men, it brings a new and slightly polite appearance. A pretty prominent purple dyed hair will make you attract the eyes of the opposite people. Surely those of you who love the stylish and dynamic should not ignore this hair color. In addition, purple dyed hair has the ability to lighten the skin of men clearly.

Purple dyed hair

Chocolate brown dyed hair

Just like the chestnut brown dye, chocolate brown is also easy to use and has almost become the national hair color, suitable for all skin tones and face types. Whether you have a round or square face, fair skin or healthy dark skin, chocolate brown is still perfectly suitable. The chocolate color gamut is gentle but still has the ability to create a striking appearance for a man’s face. Therefore, chocolate brown has become the hottest hair color for men from 2017 to present.

Chocolate brown dyed hair

Lemon yellow hair

Referring to lemon yellow tones, you will immediately think of dazzling, youthful and fresh. But when lemon yellow became a hair color, it became a breakthrough and rebellion. Lemon yellow hair color will give men an impressive beauty, stand out in the crowd and no less fashion and modern trends. At a glance, it can also be recognized, the lemon yellow dye color is most suitable for the guy with bright white skin. If you do not have light skin, you should dye lemon yellow in combination with a cool hairstyle, showing your personality and creating your own unique style.

lemon yellow hair

Mossy hair color

The smokey moss color is a high-class and very special dye because the preparation is quite complicated and time consuming. Up to now, the color of moss and smoke is loved by many young people today because of its unique dynamism and attraction. Smoky moss is not as prominent as the color of smoke, nor is it as deep as the color of moss. The color of smoke moss has its own charm, not too dazzling but still really charming. This super beautiful smoky moss hair color is perfectly suitable for men with healthy, bright skin who love style and trends.

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Mossy hair color

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Notes when dyeing hair for men

The process of dyeing hair seems to be easy, but it is not simple at all. Because if you encounter an unfortunate mistake, it will lead to consequences such as uneven dye, uneven hair color, peeling and damaged scalp. The following notes will help you have beautiful dyed hair even without going to the salon.

Notes when dyeing hair for men

Choice of dyes

Color: a rule that you must follow when dyeing your hair at home is to choose the colors closest to the current hair color. Because it is possible that while dyeing, you can hardly control the amount of medicine on your hair.

Quality: Currently on the market there are many types of hair dyes with different colors. You should be a smart consumer, choose carefully about the brand, pay attention to the quality and expiry date of the medicine.

Pay attention when dyeing beautiful men's hair 2

Hair dyeing tools

Tools when dyeing hair are quite complicated but cannot be without anything. First, you need to have an old shirt or invest in a specialized shirt to dye your hair, to avoid chemical stains on the clothes you are wearing. The second is the bowl to hold the dye. hairpins, dye comb and protective paper gloves.

Pay attention when dyeing beautiful men's hair 3

Hair dye place

Men should pay attention, the hair dyeing process should take place in a place like the bathroom, to minimize the possibility of dye getting on objects in the house. Or you can choose a place to dye your hair that has a cool, dry space, not dark, because it is difficult to see the hair color. You’d better sit under the light or wear a neon light to see the true color.

Some other notes

Before dyeing your hair, you should wash your hair a day before so that the scalp has time to replenish itself with the necessary natural oils, creating a protective layer on the scalp from chemical attacks.

After dyeing, you should not add some chemical hairdressing procedures such as straightening, curling, men should be separated from the time to beautify their hair from 1 to 2 weeks.

Pay attention when dyeing beautiful men's hair 4

Here is the article that answered the question What color is good to dye men’s hair? for you. Hope you find the right hair color for you.

What color is the best to dye men’s hair – Beautiful hair trends 2020

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New Year’s Eve

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