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TOP 10 quán nướng vỉa hè ngon ở Hà Nội không thể bỏ qua

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New Year’s Eve

Top delicious sidewalk barbecue shops in Hanoi bring customers the best quality dining addresses. Let’s find out together!

Have you ever tried sidewalk restaurants in Hanoi? Surely these will be great experiences, the quality of food and service will make you remember once and for all.

Hanoi is a developed city with many unique restaurants and amusement parks to serve the needs of customers. In which, the sidewalk shops thrive, satisfying the customers here. From snack bars to hot pot restaurants, quality is guaranteed to bring more choices to customers.

If you have never been to a sidewalk restaurant, you should look for the delicious sidewalk grills in Hanoi below. Explore with JAMJA’s Blog to enjoy the best grilled meals.

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Grilled food, Hot pot porridge – Quan Su

  • Address: 61 Quan Su, Hoan Kiem District
  • Opening hours: 17:00 to 22:30
  • Price range: VND 50,000 ~ VND 165,000

Grilled food, Hot pot porridge - Quan Su

This is a standard charcoal-fired restaurant in Hanoi. For young people who love to bake on the sidewalk, it is impossible not to know this barbecue restaurant in Quan Su. The shop is very spacious, so even though there are many guests, there are still enough tables for our friends. Every crime shop with smoke is inevitable. However, eating delicious, cheap food, and being served enthusiastically and thoughtfully is not a big minus point.

Menu at Barbecue, Hot pot porridge - Quan Su

Coming to the shop, you will be spoiled for choice with grilled dishes, hot pot because the menu is extremely rich and high quality. The owner always prioritizes choosing fresh ingredients, so you can rest assured when eating here. The grilled dishes here are marinated very well, the accompanying vegetables are still very fresh, not because of the sidewalk shop but everything is not quality. Served with a little sweet and sour dipping sauce, really great for a winter evening.

Miss Quynh – Hotpot & Grilled

  • Address: 20B Gam Cau, Hoan Kiem District
  • Opening hours: 18:00 to 23:30
  • Price range: VND 30,000 ~ VND 150,000

Co Quynh's space - Hotpot & Grill

Gam Cau Street is famous for its countless delicious grilled restaurants with extremely cheap prices. And if you come here, you must definitely visit Co Quynh restaurant. The shop is spacious and sitting outside so it’s very open, if you hate to eat barbecue but sit in a too secretive space, this is the place for you, comfortable seating without worrying about the smell of smoke lurking around. The owner of the restaurant is always happy and open, so come here to eat and drink.

Menu Co Quynh - Hot Pot & Grill

The shop has a grilled buffet of 99k to eat comfortably and a lot of dishes. Everything is seasoned to perfection. The food comes up a lot, you almost don’t even need to order more to be full. Especially at the restaurant, it’s baked with foil, so you’re not afraid that the food will burn. You can enjoy eating and drinking until the night. Most of the guests who come here want to come back again and again.

See brand details and many offers from Co Quynh Grilled Hot Pot

Gam Cau Grilled Heart

  • Address: 12 Gam Cau Street, Hoan Kiem District
  • Opening hours: 17:00 to 22:00
  • Price range: 70,000 VND ~ 110,000 VND

Gam Cau Grilled Heart

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The soul of Hanoi street food must have known the famous Gam Cau street for a long time. The barbecue here is located right at the foot of the bridge, sometimes while eating you can still hear the sound of the train passing by, interesting, right? Coming to Gam Cau Street, you are not afraid of not having a seat, only one small minus point is that the shops are quite narrow in space, but in winter like that, it is extremely warm.

It can be evaluated, Gam Cau Grilled Heart has a very reasonable price. Ranging from 100,000 VND / person / serving, you can choose beef, mushroom, pork belly, heart, and ribs with full cartilage. Not only that, the dipping sauce here has to spend two words extremely delicious, sweet and sour, so it is very delicious to eat. The marinade is very tasty and the beef is not too fatty, grilled without being sick.

Food at Gam Cau Grilled Heart

There are a variety of grilled dishes from mushrooms, beef, stomach, pork belly… and the most delicious is the grilled heart. The soft, chewy heart is seasoned with the best flavor, even the most demanding diners will have to worry about this dish.

Xuan Xuan Grilled Beef

  • Address: 47 Ma May, Hoan Kiem District
  • Opening hours: 15:00 to 22:00
  • Price range: VND 50,000 ~ VND 77,000

Spring Spring Grilled Beef Space

Walking in the old town, you will easily recognize this famous barbecue restaurant in Ma May street. The shop also has a staff of very professional and outstanding uniforms. You can choose indoor or outdoor seating as you like, the outdoor space is more open and you can also eat while watching tourists walk. Enjoy the bustling atmosphere of the old town next to the smokey winter grill, so great!

Xuan Xuan grilled beef is a very popular barbecue restaurant, but it is always very crowded. If you are a fan of beef, you cannot ignore this famous restaurant. Xuan Xuan’s grilled beef restaurant is always full of beef, mushrooms, stomach, vegetables, mushrooms… The ingredients are all very fresh and clean. On cold days in Hanoi, going to this grilled beef restaurant is a “meaningful meal” on the way home.

Food at Xuan Xuan Grilled Beef

Xuan Xuan barbecue restaurant is most famous for its beef – grilled pork belly served with fresh green vegetables such as eggplant, okra to fight boredom. The ingredients here are prepared cleanly and marinated very well, and there’s a lot more. Surely passing through this neighborhood, your sense of smell will be awakened by the fragrant smell of grilled meat. If you can’t stand it, remember to rush to enjoy it right away, you won’t regret it.

Baked sweets

  • Address: 81 Dai Co Viet, Hai Ba Trung District
  • Opening hours: 18:00 to 23:00
  • Price range: VND 50,000 ~ VND 110,000

Grilled space

Grilled sticky rice is a name that is no longer a stranger to many barbecue devotees. The shop has been present in Ha Thanh since 2006, always receiving the love of many diners. The delicious dishes in the barbecue menu that you must try when coming to Nhan Grill are: grilled pork belly, grilled beef, grilled oysters, grilled pork belly.

The barbecue has both an indoor space for those who like quiet and an outdoor space for those who like to watch the bustling street while enjoying food. Plus the enthusiastic staff, fast food, so Nhan Grilled is chosen by many people as the top place to eat grilled food.

Sidewalk grill -2

The dishes are carefully selected from the ingredients, ensuring the source of fresh ingredients so that diners can eat with peace of mind. In addition, the marinating stage is also very focused. Each grilled dish has its own marinated spices, when baked, the aroma is hard to resist.

In addition, you can order the Nhan combo for only 199K, including dishes: fried rice, mushrooms, and fries. Or Korean combo for 299K, including dishes: beef, mushroom, extremely attractive.

Mixed Shop

+ 67 Tue Tinh, Hai Ba Trung District

+ 55B Dai Co Viet, Hai Ba Trung district

  • Opening hours: 18:00 to 23:00
  • Price range: VND 50,000 ~ VND 150,000

Lan Quan space

Lan Quan – a famous sidewalk barbecue restaurant in Hai Ba Trung district, is a favorite destination of students. The price is quite affordable but the quality is very respectable, people still whisper that when they come to Lan Quan, they don’t want to eat.

Sidewalk barbecue shop -3

The food at the restaurant is quite diverse, from pork, beef to seafood such as squid, octopus… Each dish is marinated quite well and quite plump. Grilled rice is also loved by many people because the restaurant has a very special sweet and sour tamarind sauce, which when eaten is very mouth-watering, helping to reduce the feeling of being sick when eating a lot of meat.

Grilled Fat Whistle

  • Address: 91 Vo Thi Sau, Thanh Nhan, Thanh Xuan District
  • Opening hours: 18:30 to 23:00
  • Price range: VND 50,000 ~ VND 100,000

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Grilled Fat Whistle

Sidewalk seating but very attractive. Anyone passing by will also be attracted by the aroma of grilled dishes, attractive, sometimes irresistible, but have to stop by the restaurant to enjoy. The restaurant is famous for its barbecue buffet with the price of only 90K / serving, too cheap to have a lifetime barbecue. The menu for the buffet has up to 20 dishes with many different ways of marinating for you to choose freely such as: pork belly with onions, marinated strip meat, grilled ham with lemongrass and chili, squid with egg with garlic sauce…. Don’t forget to order bread Add honey to make the meal more complete.

Mam Coi street barbecue restaurant

Grilled Garden

  • Address: 4 Le Duc Tho, Nam Tu Liem district
  • Opening hours: 08:00 to 22:30
  • Price range: 100,000 VND ~ 300,000 VND

Grilled Garden Space

The barbecue garden is famous for two special dishes with very strange names: Na San Ban Pig and Kay Kay Co Trai. Just hearing the name makes me curious. Na San Ban Pig is marinated with onion fat, when eaten, it is very fragrant and not sick, much better than normal pork. And Kay Kay Co Trai, when eaten, has a crunchy, slightly spicy taste that is also worth a try. After grilling, put the meat in the lettuce leaves, roll it up and dip it in the sauce and then put it in your mouth, it’s delicious.

Sidewalk BBQ restaurant Grilled garden

View brand details and many offers from Harchi Barbecue Garden

Ba Hoa Grill Shop

  • Address: 33 Hang Giay, Hoan Kiem District
  • Opening hours: 16:00 to 22:00
  • Price range: VND 25,000 ~ VND 94,000

Ba Hoa Grill Shop

When the street lights started to come on, Gam Cau street became much more crowded and bustling, a series of barbecue shops were displayed on the long sidewalk. And it is impossible not to mention Ba Hoa Grilled Restaurant. This barbecue restaurant receives a lot of favor in the series of barbecue shops here. Although it is a sidewalk barbecue restaurant, the light is adequate, and there are not too many vehicles, so you do not have to worry about the problem of smoke and dust.

Sidewalk barbecue restaurant Ba Hoa

The dishes are well seasoned, especially the grilled beef stew, which is very popular with young people. In addition, the grilled beef dish is also a dish not to be missed. The cast iron version is wrapped in foil before the beef is grilled, so you won’t have to worry about the meat being burnt like when grilled over charcoal.

Diners especially love the sweet and sour dipping sauce, which is very satisfying, very interesting to eat with grilled dishes. When going in a group, it only takes about 100K for each person to have a full meal.

Baldness shop

  • Address: 460 Tran Khat Chan, Hai Ba Trung District
  • Opening hours: 18:30 to 23:30
  • Price range: 45,000 VND ~ 100,000 VND

Food at Bald Restaurant

Finally, JAMJA’s BLOG would like to introduce you to the Balcony sidewalk barbecue restaurant at the intersection of Tran Xuan Soan. The food is grilled on a traditional charcoal stove, diners will be able to manually turn the food over, inhaling the delicious smell of food sometimes mixed with the characteristic smoke that no other way of grilling can bring. This whole street corner always gives off a sweet fragrance, attracting many passersby.

Balcony sidewalk barbecue shop

The food menu of the restaurant has quite a lot of dishes. Definitely have to try the grilled pork belly, sliced ​​thinly, then marinated with a strange onion and garlic juice. In addition, grilled octopus is a dish that is appreciated by many people, fresh ingredients are marinated in flavor, not fishy but give off a delicious aroma.

More importantly, the restaurant also has a very special dipping sauce, making the party more complete. Good food but bad sauce, what else is interesting, right? The sauce has enough sour, spicy, salty, sweet flavors, when dipping the food in, all blend together to create an irresistible attraction. Accompanying the savory dishes is the honey bread which is both sweet and delicious, one who eats it once will not be able to forget it.

Bald Restaurant

Right in the heart of the capital, there is a barbecue restaurant with a very affordable price, only 40K – 55K / plate. You can have a buffet or order a 3-course combo (129K + 1 coca) or a 5-course combo (199K + 2 coca).

Prepare to come now and always sidewalk grill delicious in Hanoi that JAMJA’s BLOG shared above. Sitting together by the grill, talking about it, listening to the sizzling sound of grilling, watching the traffic go by are things that can only be experienced at the sidewalk grill.

TOP 10 delicious sidewalk grills in Hanoi not to be missed

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New Year’s Eve

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