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[TREND 2020] Nhuộm tóc màu tím đen thời thượng cực “Chất”

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New Year’s Eve

Black purple hair dye has become a popular trend among young people, with its own personality and cool Korean style. It can be said that purple-black hair color has both a unique look and an extremely delicate beauty in the way of mixing colors, bringing youthful and eye-catching hair. Join JAMJA’s BLOG to learn about how to dye your hair black and purple, does it fade quickly or not?

Top 3 cool purple-black dyed hairstyles for her

This purple-black dyed hair color can be called a strange and familiar dye color that is being enthusiastically welcomed by many personality girls in the past time. Up to now, purple-black hair has become a hairdressing trend that young people pursue and want to experience once. If you do not know the charm and unique features of purple-black hair color, let’s join JAMJA’s BLOG to find out right away this hot trend color in early 2018.

hair dye purple black 1

Black purple ombre dyed hair

If you are a strong girl who likes to change her hair style, it will certainly be a mistake to ignore this super unique purple-black dye. Dark purple is simply a dark hair color, becoming the optimal choice for a girl who does not like her hair color to be too prominent or likes her hair to be colored when it is sunny. But with personality ombre hairstyle, purple has the opposite effect.

Black purple ombre dyed hair

Ombre hair is understood as a hairstyle with many different dyes, usually the ends of the hair will be lighter than the roots. When using black purple to dye ombre hair, this purple color will stand out more with the background of black, red or brown hair, more disruptive than the smoke color. If you want to follow the 2018 hair trend, choose this hairstyle to immediately show your strong personality. A girl with purple ombre will love to express herself, have an outgoing personality. With this unique dyed hair color, you should style your hair into big curls, stretching from the top of the body down to feel the fanciful beauty of the hair.

Black purple ombre dyed hair 2

Original black purple dyed hair

Original purple-black dyeing is the simplest and most inexpensive type of dyeing with stages, process and time. The original black purple has the most original dyeing method with deep, dark, quite subdued colors that are almost like your natural black hair color. More specifically, the purple-black dye will stand out, creating a purple effect when the hair is shined with more light.

Original black purple dyed hair

There is a small note that the original purple-black dye is only as purple as you want when you choose a skilled and reputable hairdresser. If you have mistakenly sent your trust to an inexperienced dyer, your purple-black hair will not have a purple tint because of its inability to pop the tone, purple-black hair will be no different from its natural black color. Girls with long hair should think before dyeing this color because it does not give a different feeling to the viewer. If you still want to dye purple and black, you should change to a lob, bob or curly hair shape.

Original black purple dyed hair 2

Black purple dyed hair highlights

If you don’t want the purple color to cover your hair, the bold purple-black hair will make you happy. This is the choice for the girl who doesn’t want to dye her whole head purple and black, the highlight will be the outstanding dark purple highlights that are extremely optimal for her. With purple-black highlight hair, your hair will have a hidden fancy effect, a little bit of different colors, bringing a strange feeling, personality style, confidence, self-expression. Purple-black highlight dyed hair is most popular with the hairstyle being curled into big curls, combined with black or brown dyeing, more innovative than smoke without worrying about being touched.

Black purple dyed hair highlight 1

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In addition to the big curled hairstyle, you can also change it with short wavy hair or highlight dyed bob hair, with a black background combined with sparse bangs. This is definitely a hairstyle suggestion for her to refer to when she wants to highlight with dark purple hair. Note that if your skin tone is quite dark, you should not highlight it, so your skin tone will be pulled down a notch.

Black purple dyed hair highlight 2

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Why should you dye your hair purple and black?

Advantages when dyeing hair purple black:

  • Unlike other dyes, purple-black hair color is very special and outstanding. If the red-brown hair color gives the feeling of a gentle, gentle and feminine girl, the black purple color helps you become young, new, and has a strong attraction to the people around. Because of the personality in the purple-black dye color, there is no dominant color, you will be able to create a hairstyle with an attractive hair color. Until now, purple color has always expressed the femininity and charm of a gentle girl. If you are delicate, know how to control your hair with the right brightness, you will become more beautiful.

Why should you dye your hair purple and black 1

  • With purple-black dyed hair, you will have the power to impress the boys opposite by bouncing and striking. Black purple dyed hair is easy to combine with many different hairstyles. If you like the neat look of shoulder-length hair with gently curled ends, then you should combine it with purple-black dyed hair color to make yourself more attractive and outstanding. Rest assured because the purple-black hair color still makes you look gentle and feminine. Instead of a girly hairstyle, have you tried a stylish short haircut, adding a little purple color to your hair.

Why should you dye your hair purple and black?

  • The purple-black hair color is quite deep, close to the original black, so it can be suitable for all different skin types. From light white skin to dark skin, brown skin, honey cake skin can be dyed black purple. More specifically, the black purple color will help your already white skin become whiter, the skin will increase a clear tone. When out in the sun, the black purple color will reflect a gentle purple color, extremely magical and unique. Therefore, she should not ignore this purple-black hair color, try to change your style more creatively.

Why should you dye your hair purple and black 3

Cons of dyeing black purple hair:

  • If you really love purple-black and beautify your hair, you need to note that purple-black color is not durable and stays on your hair for as long as many other dyes. Although the purple-black color is beautiful, it does not have a dominant color, so it easily fades when there are many influences such as washing hair and sunlight. Black purple dyed hair is only really beautiful in the period of 2 to 3 months after dyeing.
  • Not all drugs can make the most standard purple-black color, don’t let your hair dye unknown brands, both damaging your hair and not coloring it. You should choose world-renowned brands like Loreal, Revlon to ensure healthy hair, stable color fastness.

Why should you dye your hair purple and black 4

  • In addition, with purple-black hair, you will spend a lot of time, effort and money to take care of your hair and keep the color better. But even with any dyed hair color, if you want to be beautiful and durable, you should also learn how to care, nourish your hair, shampoo and conditioner separately for dyed hair, and limit your hair’s exposure to the sun for too long.

Why should you dye your hair purple and black 5

Does black purple hair color fade quickly?

If you ask many people the same question, you will surely get many different answers with individual opinions. Usually will follow two schools, one side will think that purple-black dyed hair will fade quickly, the color is not durable, the other side will assert that the purple-black color is long-lasting and hard to fade. So the truth is that black purple quickly fades or is hard to fade? Let’s find out together.

Does black purple hair color fade quickly 1

According to hair experts, after dyeing purple black, the hair color can be maintained at its best for a period of time ranging from 2 months to 3 months. If so, purple-black compared to many other deep dyes, purple’s ability to keep color is not long-lasting and stable. Wanting to explain why the purple-black color fades so quickly is because there is no original color, the climate of Asian countries is often hot and humid – the condition is not good when the hair is often exposed to sunlight and sweat. secreted daily. In some other cases, the purple-black color only lasts for 1 to 2 weeks, then it changes to another color or dull looking very unsightly.
Does black purple hair color fade quickly?

In the case that the hair only stays dark purple for about 1 week to 2 weeks, the main reason is that you have used poor quality hair dye, delivered the hair to an unprofessional hairdresser or during the hair care process. incorrect. You’d better use genuine drugs and go to reputable hair salons to have a beautiful purple-black hair color.

Does black purple hair color fade quickly 3

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How to keep purple black in hair for the longest time?

You should be prepared to accept that purple-black fades quickly so that you don’t get bored when dyeing this color. Still try to experience yourself with this black purple. Dark purple dye is suitable for boys and girls who love a personality look, standing out in the crowd without being too bright and colorful. Girls with dark purple hair will definitely attract all the eyes of the boys around. So is there any way to keep the purple-black hair longer?

How to keep purple black 1

Use genuine hair dye and reputable hair salon

This is the first thing you need to pay attention to when you want to change your hair color to any other color except purple black. Using a genuine hair dye, a professional technician is the most important rule when you are determined to change your look with purple and black. You should find out in advance which famous dye brand is, they have a team of extremely standard color mixing experts, dye ingredients are also carefully selected and safe for hair and scalp. Some suggestions for world-class famous dye companies such as Loreal, Etude House, etc. So investing a large amount of branded dyes will help you have beautiful, standard, long-lasting and safe hair colors for your hair. health. In addition, you should also choose a reputable hairdressing address to ensure the best hair.

How to keep purple black 2

Always protect your hair

Protecting your hair is simply keeping your hair beautiful and colored without fading. Surely this process will cost you a little more time, money and effort, in return, your hair will always be strong, beautiful and bouncy.

  • After dyeing your hair, you should immediately buy shampoo, conditioner, and cream products specifically for dyed hair.

How to keep purple black 3

  • The purple-black color will be pale and dull due to the impact of sunlight or sweat, so pay attention when going out on the street, wear a wide yellow hat that covers all your hair.
  • Do not wash your hair with hot water or blow-dry your hair quickly, which will both discolor your hair and make your hair weak and split ends.
  • Girls should pay attention to trimming the split ends about once every 2 months, keeping the hair even and healthier.

Add hair color

Adding color to your hair is as simple as re-coloring or re-dyeing the entire hair when the hair is in a fading state. Because purple and black is a fashion color, the color fades faster than many other deep dyes. You should consult your hair specialist or staff to know when it is time to re-color your hair.

How to keep purple black 4

With this article, JAMJA’s BLOG has answered all your questions about black purple hair dye high fashioned. Please make a note so that next time you dye, you will have more experience.

[TREND 2020] Extremely trendy black purple hair dye “Quality”

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New Year’s Eve

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